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Why Sell | AOG

Here are few of the reasons that you might consider
a divestiture of your oil and gas royalty interests:

 A final reason to consider selling your oil and gas interests is that, just like any natural resource, your interests deplete with time. Plain and simple, this means your royalty checks ultimately cease and your ultimate asset valuation is zero. Selling your interest and investing in a non-depletable asset class (real estate, securities, certificates of deposits) aids in securing the corpus or principal part of your investment. This is why many professional money managers elect to sell.


When someone leaves behind a mineral interest in their estate, it can becomes a burden for the person who receives the inheritance. Whether it’s the unfamiliar paperwork or the burden of maintenance involved,heirs of mineral estates can call Anthem for help.We will gladly help value your mineral interest and make an offer. Some of our clients use our valuations in probate proceedings.


If you are planning to divest your oil and gas royalties, or if you are working on an estate valuation, we can help guide you through the sometimes confusing world of minerals and royalties. There are no questions too simple or too complicated to ask.