If you received an offer in the mail from us, we are interested in purchasing minerals and royalties in your property’s county or location.

Anthem may offer up to 100 times your current total monthly royalty income from established, long life production, dependent on certain evaluation parameters.

If you would like a "no obligation" evaluation and offer for your interest(s), please call us at 432-684-8200 or request an offer here.

If you have any questions, about the letter or otherwise, please don’t hesitate to call us or contact us.

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Anthem Royalty Division

Anthem Oil and Gas, Inc. with its principals, have been leaders in oil and gas mineral and royalty acquisitions since 1984. We pride ourselves in not only being competitive with our offers for mineral rights and oil gas lease royalties, but also in handling all transactions with integrity and professionalism. Having acquired several thousand mineral interests and royalty interests from oil and gas leases since 1984, Anthem and its principals are committed to honest and ethical transactions. So if you are selling mineral rights, oil royalty and gas interests, mineral leases, oil mineral rights, gas mineral rights, then call us today for a no obligation quote.


Based in the Permian Basin, Anthem is actively pursuing oil gas royalty acquisitions throughout the United States. Anthem typically pays between 48 to 72 times monthly income generated by your oil and gas royalties, dependent upon certain evaluation parameters, but has recently paid as much as 100 times total current monthly royalty income for properties that have additional proved undrilled locations. Whether it's a small interest in gas rights worth a few thousand dollars or oil rights worth several million, we pride ourselves on professional and discreet business transactions, with an imperative emphasis on doing exactly what we promise to do.

When you have questions regarding oil royalty valuation, or the sale of mineral rights, natural gas royalty, mineral rights value, oil royalty interest, mineral lease, or oil gas royalties, call us today. Our professional staff strives for unparalleled service and expertise, and we are here to answer your questions.

Anthem Oil and Gas, Inc. Acquisitions and Valuations with Integrity.

Anthem Exploration & Production

The Anthem Oil and Gas, Inc. Exploration & Production Division is engaged in the acquisition, exploration, production and marketing of crude oil and natural gas. Anthem’s corporate headquarters is located in Midland, Texas, with principal reserves and producing properties located in various counties throughout Texas and southeast New Mexico.

Anthem is a high-technology company, rising to the challenge of finding new prospects to help keep up with the ever-increasing demand for reliable oil and natural gas supplies. Using advanced technology and years of experience, we continue to successfully explore for oil and gas in the Permian Basin.